The Eqela Transcend service is delivered using Eqela automation technology solutions, developed particularly for this purpose: Eqela enables automated transformation of software programs on source code level, significantly enhancing the speed and quality of development and dramatically lowering the associated risks using advanced automation and artificial intelligence.

Desktop Application Modernization

Transformation of an existing desktop application to target a new operating system. Many existing information systems have been built on technology platforms that can no longer be updated, where continued development is currently either very difficult or impossible. Common examples of this are, for example, Visual Basic 6, FoxPro, Visual FoxPro as well as older versions of the .NET platform, including for example applications based on WinForms technologies. Through the Eqela Transcend service, applications like this can be transformed to C# programs and can execute, for example, on Windows 10 operating systems as universal (UWP) applications.

Web Application Modernization

Information security updates, enhanced performance and architectural / structural improvements for the program code. Continuing maintenance and updating of web based systems is very important for ensuring information security alone, but also in order to improve performance and the quality of the code produced in ongoing development and addition of new features. Eqela Transcend makes it possible to modernize web applications built in many different programming languages and development frameworks, targeting the latest platforms, for example C# and the .NET platform. A modernized version of the system can be deployed in the latest server environments in which the availability of all the latest security updates of the underlying platform can also be guaranteed. The original web application may be developed in many languages, such as PHP, Java or C# using WebForms.

Mainframe Modernization

The use of modern programming languages, utilization or standard server solutions and easier continued development. Ongoing maintenance and further development of systems developed for the mainframe is often challenging and expensive for an IT organization. With the help of the Eqela Transcend service, the source code of existing such systems can, however, be modernized to target the latest software platforms, operating systems and programming languages. The existing system may originally be, for example, written in COBOL, RPG or PL/1, and can be transformed via automation to become eg. a C# program. All existing functional logic and business rules are implemented in the new system as is, without modifications.

Cloud Migration

Transformation of existing structure and architecture, modernization to target web technologies and the cloud. The software architecture of a cloud based solution often significantly differs from the architectures used on platforms on which many older and existing systems have been built for. With the help of the Eqela Transcend service, it is also possible to redesign the general structure of an existing system, and to divide the application into suitable logical components (eg. database, middleware, frontend / user interface, etc.), and these components can then be implemented to target multiple platforms (eg. web / HTML5 / Javascript, C#, Java / Android, Objective-C / iOS, etc.). The resulting system can then be deployed and maintained on the cloud.

The general principle of the Eqela Transcend automation approach is the ability to divide the original source code to logical components, each of which can be processed in various different ways either in isolation or in combination with others. The picture below illustrates the approach:
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