Eqela provides tools and platforms for efficient and easy development and maintenance of connected, data driven modern applications and systems for web, cloud and mobile environments. The emphasis is on ease of development, quality of code and compatibility between different technologies. Programs developed with Eqela tools and platforms can target multiple vendor environments and are compatible with several programming languages.

Less code, no duplication

A purpose-built programming language provides simple and short ways to accomplish tasks that traditionally require a lot of manual coding and work. Automated compile time translation of source code to multiple programming languages removes the need to develop multiple versions of the same program for different platforms.

Compatible with many platforms

Built firmly on top of the automation technologies developed by Eqela, the overall process and development methodology inherently drives a development project towards a technology agnostic direction, with strong inclination towards compatibility with different technologies, both internally and externally, both presently and in the future. No fear of vendor or technology lock in, as all code can be exported to any supported language at any time.

Built-in code review

The toolset and compiler used for development guides and directs developers towards high quality code and good programming practices. Many aspects of traditional code review can be integrated to the every day development process.


Customized programming automation features, automated development tasks, checks, reviews, and other functionalities that enhance developer productivity, can be developed and included on a per-customer or per-project basis, creating truly personalized, organization-specific efficient development processes.

Open tools and APIs

The core tools, technologies and APIs enabling the Eqela platform are developed transparently, collaboratively and openly through GitHub and other widely accessible web resources.

Proven and tested

Tools, technologies, APIs, development approaches and processes from Eqela have been used in numerous real life projects across the globe since they were first introduced in 2012, and they continue to be used in production environments every day.